Nearly one-fifth of global greenhouse gas emissions are from deforestation and forest degradation; add agriculture and it is nearer to one-third. By comparison this is more than what is emitted from the entire global transportation sector.

Action to slow and stop conversion and degradation of forests and other natural ecosystems is critical if society is to reach the target of limiting future global temperature rises to 2º Celsius, and at the same time arrest what is being called now the Sixth Mass Extinction. As most of the world’s poorest people live in rural areas and depend on natural resources, it is an equal priority therefore to find sustainable land-uses and markets for climate-smart agricultural commodities that support livelihoods and help lift local communities out of the poverty cycle.

Our vision is based on integrated rural landscapes that support conservation of natural ecosystems and the species they contain, ecologically sustainable commercial activities, and thriving new and traditional communities.

Our mission is to finance this transition to sustainable land use, creating new environmental assets that reflect the value of natural capital. Our investments reduce deforestation, mitigate climate change, protect biodiversity and provide a fair and sustainable living to rural communities through activities that offer investors competitive returns.

Investment Strategy

The Fund’s investment objective is to focus on sustainable land use activities that generate real assets, including certified agroforestry produce, alongside new environmental assets, such as carbon. We are specialists in identifying and helping to build multiple revenue projects that generate positive social and environmental impacts and are economically resilient and technically robust.

Our experienced and multi-disciplinary team creates value with our project partners from the earliest stages of project development and to find premium markets to commercialise project off-take.

We seek projects where we are part of a public private partnership that shares responsibility and returns under a principle of performance measured by social, environmental and economic benefits.

Responsible investing

Managing environmental, social and governance (ESG) risk across our portfolio is fundamental to our success. For us, ESG is not a matter of compliance, but an integrated approach to business that wins a social license to operate, gains the respect of our global stakeholders, and facilitates a commercial return for our investors.

Without generating demonstrable benefits for host communities at our projects, we would not have a viable investment strategy. For that reason our ESG policy incorporates social and environmental performance along side risk management. We actively seek investments that have integrated in their business opportunities to contribute to a sustainable future for their neighbouring communities. We measure and report on these benefits and challenge ourselves to continually improve on our results.

Our commitment to project risk and social and environmental performance is governed by our ESG policy – The Althelia Climate Fund Environmental Social and Governance Standards.

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