The Althelia Climate Fund funded a new venture in autumn 2016 called Ecosphere+. Ecosphere+ manages the sales and marketing operations for Althelia’s portfolio of environmental assets with a mission to scale-up near-term private sector climate action and create demand for currently under-valued ecosystem services that support the planet and bring value to living forests. Whilst Ecosphere+ is set up as a commercial entity it is operated in such a way to maximise sales value for projects on the ground by working directly with Althelia’s projects.

To fulfil its mission to build demand, Ecosphere+ is building partnerships with investors, businesses and consumers. Some of these collaborations include working with companies on deforestation-free supply chains, integrating natural solutions to climate-related risks, bringing new ‘zero-carbon’ products to market, supply-chain action through ‘insetting’ and embedding action on the Sustainable Development Goals into business strategy.

The Ecosphere+ website explains the vital role forests and sustainable land-use play in the overall transition to a low-carbon economy and brings to life the economic, social, climate and environmental benefits of forest landscapes.


Ecosphere+ also empowers individuals to take the steps that will work for them to manage and reduce their own carbon footprint with a simple carbon calculator.

The Ecosphere+ team are experienced environmental, strategy, marketing and climate change experts, from diverse backgrounds including oil and gas, government, finance, communications, academia and NGO. You can meet the team here.

Read more about the work they are doing here.

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