Madagascar Fund

The Madagascar Climate and Conservation Fund will aim to create value through investments in ecosystem conservation, agroforestry and access to energy, and applying best-in-class social, environmental and governance criteria (ESG). The Fund will address a critical gap between grant financing (usually not sustainable nor replicable) and the more traditional banking system (which is not open to small community-based organisations).


Concretely, the Fund will invest into a diversified portfolio of 10-15 investments across Madagascar that are focused on achieving financial returns, conservation and livelihood improvements through the financing of (i) agroforestry and sustainable production, and (ii) access to energy and agri-energy activities.

It will implement a holistic strategy, implemented with the support of Conservation International: First, by reinforcing a large-scale conservation program in the last remaining pristine, forested area of Madagascar by working with communities surrounding protected areas to support them in the deployment of sustainable production practices. In parallel, in a broader area, the Fund invests in infrastructure that will provide access to energy and high value agriculture to a larger population, thereby improving livelihoods and demonstrating that conservation actions benefit everyone.

It is expected that the invested projects will protect more than 1 million hectares of high conservation value land, to avoid over 10 million tons CO2 equivalent of emissions, and to have a tangible, positive impact on the day to day lives of over 100,000 people.

The fund is currently in the design and capital-raising phase. Further updates will follow.

The Environmental and Social Management Plan for the Sustainable Landscapes in Eastern Madagascar, the wider programme that includes the development of the Madagascar Fund, is available here in English and in French.

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