Althelia Climate Fund

Althelia Fund’s invests in projects that reduce deforestation, mitigate climate change, protect biodiversity and provide a fair and sustainable living to rural communities, whilst offering investors a fair return on capital.

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Ecosphere+ manages the sales and marketing operations for Althelia’s portfolio of environmental assets with a mission to scale-up near-term private sector climate action and create demand for currently under-valued ecosystem services that support the planet and bring a value to living forests.

Tambopata-Bahuaja Biodiversity Reserve

The Althelia Climate Fund has participated in a EUR 9.15 million investment programme in Madre de Dios, Peru, to finance the long-term conservation of 570,000 hectares of natural forest.

Cordillera Azul National Park REDD+ Project

The Cordillera Azul National Park REDD+ project aims to preserve a vast and unique ecosystem of montane rainforest in the intersection of the stunning Peruvian Andes mountains chain and the Amazon Basin.

Cooperativa Agraria Industrial Naranjillo Ltda.

Naranjillo has 5,000 members, all smallholder cacao and coffee producers, organised in 51 producers groups, each of which has a delegate that sits on the general assembly of the Cooperative. 

Guatemalan Conservation Coast

Althelia Climate Fund has participated in a EUR 10.2 million investment on the Caribbean Coast of Guatemala, to finance the long-term conservation of up to 110,000 hectares of natural forest in and around the region´s network of protected areas.

Novo Campo Programme, Mato Grosso State

Althelia Climate Fund has provided PECSA with EUR11.5m financing facility to start operations in 20 farms, and restore 10,000 hectares of pastures, and sustainably manage 34,000 head of cattle by 2017.


With a financing facility of up to EUR 8m from Althelia Climate Fund Inyenyeri aim to provide 150,000 households with a clean cooking solution by 2020 and will explore exporting the model to other countries.

Sumatra Merang Peatland

Althelia Funds is now supporting the scale-up of the Sumatra Merang Peatland Project with an impact investment of EUR 5.1 million. Led by partners PT Global Alam Lestari (GAL) and Forest Carbon, this project will rehabilitate more than 22,000 hectares of peatland rainforest in the Merang biodiversity zone.

Nii Kaniti

Located in Ucayali, Peru, the Nii Kaniti project focuses on protecting the rainforest and avoiding deforestation on community land through scaling up sustainable community forest management.

Taita Hills Conservation and Sustainable Land Use Project

The inaugural investment by the Althelia Climate Fund was made in February 2014 to the Taita Hills Conservation and Sustainable Land Use Project in southeastern Kenya. This project was exited as of 2017.

INOCAS: Improving pasture management to generate sustainable vegetable oil

Althelia provided a bridge loan to Inocas to kick-start their 2016 harvest season, and advised the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) of the Inter-American Development Bank on a planned equity investment in order to implement the first phase of the project. The project was exited as of September 2018. 

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