2018 Impact Report launched

September 6, 2018


We are excited to let you know that our 2018 Impact Report has been launched. We know that is important to you to understand the full impact of the climate finance that is channelled to projects on the ground through Althelia’s investments.

This annual report tracks progress on our forest conservation projects over the previous year and reports against our seven impact criteria and our key performance indicators. An impact-driven approach is essential to addressing the interrelated challenges arising from climate change, resource depletion and increasing demands from a growing population. Forest conservation not only avoids carbon emissions but has wide-reaching co-benefits such as protecting watersheds and habitat for endangered species as well as creating jobs for local communities and promoting gender equality. Supporting and tracking this wider impact is critical to our approach to protecting threatened forests, and helps us measure progress against our climate targets as well as our contribution towards the sustainable development goals.

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Impact criteria

We measure impact across seven impact criteria which cover the environmental, social and economic benefits of our forest conservation projects. In this way, we ensure our projects have a wide positive impact on the ground beyond simply avoiding or reducing carbon emissions.


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Key Performance Indicators

A total of 23 KPIs are set for each forest conservation project in the Althelia Impact Report. This year’s report shows progress in each project until the end of 2017 against the 2021 targets. Across all impact areas, 2017 was a successful year and the projects are on-track or exceeding all targets.


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Focus Impact: Sustainable Enterprise

This year’s report takes a deep-dive into the impact criteria ‘sustainable enterprise’. All our projects support local businesses that build their value through sustainable management of natural capital, promoting conservation and providing fair and decent employment to local communities. Some examples include cocoa production, honey for conservation and traditional handicrafts.


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