Aligning Economy with Ecology


ALTHELIA Funds is an experienced and recognised asset manager with an impact-driven approach to investment, aligning strong financial returns with measurable environmental and social impact. It is the product of the recent acquisition of Althelia Ecosphere, a pioneer Impact Investor in the natural capital space, by Mirova, the leading European Responsible Investment platform, and is committed to be the leading global natural capital fund manager.

Althelia Funds manages investments that deliver financial returns that are fully aligned with the conservation of nature and sustainable social development. We leverage expertise and capital to define pathways for innovative solutions to the climate and environmental challenges facing society today.

Althelia invested in 
Ecosphere+, a leading company that is building a market for both the environmental assets the fund yields, such as carbon credits, as well as for sustainably produced agricultural produce, such as deforestation-free cocoa. Ecosphere+’s customers use a price on carbon and the purchase of carbon credits to finance forest protection projects which allow them to align their actions with global climate and development goals.

Our portfolio investments comprise real assets, debt and growth equity and are focussed on the nexus between sustainable production and environmental protection to simultaneously catalyses a range of positive impacts, including:


Our Mission

Althelia Funds aligns the earth’s economy with its ecology by financing the transition towards sustainable land use, creating new environmental assets that reflect the value of natural capital. Our investments reduce deforestation, mitigate climate change, protect biodiversity and provide a fair, improved and sustainable living to rural communities through activities that also offer investors competitive returns.


Althelia Funds