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Aligning Economy with Ecology

  • Althelia wins EF Award

    Althelia wins EF Award

    Althelia Ecosphere and Credit Suisse are proud to accept the Environmental Finance Award for Sustainable Forestry Deal of the Year

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  • Tambopata-Bahuaja


    Althelia participates in a EUR 9.15 million investment programme in Madre de Dios, Peru

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  • Our Approach

    Our Approach

    Althelia’s investments mitigate climate change, reduce deforestation, protect biodiversity and provide a dignified living for some of the world's poorest people

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Society and businesses continue to face mounting risks arising from climate change and resource depletion, whilst striving to meet the burgeoning demands of a growing population. Althelia Ecosphere addresses these systemic challenges by demonstrating that financial performance can be fully aligned with sound environmental stewardship and social development. With a special emphasis on sustainable land-use, biodiversity and ecosystem services, we seek to leverage investment that simultaneously catalyses a range of positive impacts, including:

  • positively transformed land-use models delivering social, economic and environmental outcomes;
  • financial and livelihood benefits realised by a wide spectrum of local stakeholders;
  • reduced greenhouse gas emissions;
  • sustained or enhanced biodiversity and ecosystem function; and
  • improvements in the conservation status of threatened and endangered species.

Our Mission

Althelia Ecosphere aligns the earth’s economy with its ecology by financing the transition towards sustainable land use, creating new environmental assets that reflect the value of natural capital. Our investments reduce deforestation, mitigate climate change, protect biodiversity and provide a fair and sustainable living to rural communities through activities that also offer investors competitive returns.